1. League Format 2. Pre Game Rules 3. Blinds\Bets\Raises
4. All-Ins 5. Dealing 6. Final Table
7. Misc 8. Scoring Points 9. The Nuts
10. Payouts 11. League Night Voting  

Last Revised 07/30/2019

1. League Format
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1.1 All League tournaments are No-Limit Texas Hold ’Em.

1.2. Players will all start with 625 in chips (5-5’s, 5-10’s, 6-25’s, 4-100’s)

1.3. Once a player has lost all the chips they started with, they are out of the tournament, they cannot reload and reseat.

1.4. A minimum of 6 players must be present in order for it to be called a league tournament.

1.5. Only the first 3 games, on a league night, will award points towards The Nuts Championship Game.

1.6 All rules will be created\modified and\or deleted by the acting Tournament Director.

1.7 The CDPL adheres to the "Poker Tournament Director Association Rules 2017 Rules, Version 3, Oct 24, 2017", when not defined by league rules.

2. Pre Game Rules
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2.1. To determine the table\seating position, Tournament Director Software will be used to assign seats and tables. Person in #1 position will have choice of seat with players in the following seats filling out the table clockwise from the #1 position.

2.2. The dealer will be the person chosen by Tournament Director Software as Seat #1 at each table.

3. Blinds\Bets\Raises
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3.1. The following schedule is used for the blinds... 



Small Blind-Big Blind


Level 1

0 - 15 min



Level 2

16 - 30 min

Level 3
31 - 45 min

Level 4

46 - 60 min

Level 5

61 - 75 min 
Level 6
76 - 90 min

Level 7

91 - 105 min

Level 8

106 - 120 min

Level 9

121 - 135 min

Level 10

136 - 150 min

Level 11

151 min until the end

3.2. Players are required to post their blinds. When a player is absent from the table for any reason, their blind will be posted by the current dealer from the absent players stack and their hand will be dealt and folded.

3.3. The dead button rule applies. This means that whatever position had the small blind the previous hand will receive the button regardless of whether or not the player in that position is still at the table.

3.4. All bets and raises must be equal to or greater than the big blind for that hand.

3.5. When a player is absent, the dealer will always deal the absent player in. When the action gets to this player, that player’s hand will be mucked.

4. All-Ins
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4.1. When a Player goes ALL-IN and the bet is called by one player, the remaining Player has the option to turn cards face up for the Showdown and continue the hand.

4.2. If two or more Players are eliminated on the same hand, the player with most chips at the start of the hand will finish in the higher position.

5. Dealing
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5.1. Exposing Dealt Cards. If the first card is dealt face up, this will be considered a misdeal and the same dealer will re-shuffle and re-deal. If any other card is dealt face up, it will be retrieved and used as the burn card, and the player will be dealt another card after all other players have been dealt theirs. If two cards are flipped up, it will be considered a misdeal.

5.2. If a dealer exposes a burn card, the card will remain face up and as the burn card, and play will continue.

5.3. If dealer exposes more than one card, and there is confusion as to which card is the actual board card (flop, turn, river) and which card is the burn card, then all cards in question will be placed back in the deck, reshuffled, re-cut, and then the dealer will continue where it was interrupted.

5.4. If the dealer exposes too many cards while showing a board card (flop, turn, river), the cards following the board card(s) will be placed back in the deck, re-shuffled, and re-cut, and play will continue. (i.e. during the turn, the river's burn card is exposed).

5.5. The dealer is responsible for placing the burn cards and muck cards in the muck pile. If at anytime a player’s hand is either accidentally or purposely thrown in the muck pile the cards are dead and cannot be played in that hand, unless it is clear which 2 cards were theirs.

5.6. No one can turn over any of the burn or muck cards at anytime during the hand.

5.7. There will be two decks on the table to speed up the dealing process. The dealer will have one deck and the player in the small blinds will shuffle the 2nd deck to prepare the cards for his impending deal.

6. Final Table
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6.1. Final table will be no more than 8 players.

6.2. Chips will be colored up when final table is reached. Lower denomination chips will be colored up for each player by exchanging them for the next higher value. Any uneven amount will be rounded up to the players benefit. The clock will stop during this time.

6.3. When two players are left at the table the dealer will always be small blind.

7. Miscellaneous
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7.1. Players moving from a broken table to fill in seats at another table will assume the rights and responsibilities of the seat. A player must play when sat in the big blind. When sat in the small blind or the button, the player cannot receive a hand, and must wait to play until the button has passed his or her position. All attempts will be made to move a player into the table at the same position in which he left the other table.

7.2. Please adhere to all poker etiquette. Such as splashing the pot, information about your hand and string bets.

7.3. There is no penalty against any player for exposing any part of his hand at any time during the game, but if he shows one player, he must show all. This league would urge that no cards be shown until all betting is completed and hand is finished

7.4. Chips are to remain on the table at all times unless the player is being moved to another table.

7.5. Cards must remain above the table at all times.

7.6. Late Arrivals. People showing up late will get the following penalty:
7.6.1 If they arrive during the 1st set of blinds, they lose $60 in chips (4x the small+big blinds).
7.6.2 If they arrive during the 2nd set of blinds, they lose $120 in chips (4x the small+big blinds).
7.6.3 If they arrive after the 2nd set of blinds, they will not be allowed entry into the tournament.
7.6.4 Players coming in will assume last spot on the table (i.e. if there's 6 people, he will take spot 7).

7.7 Defining "Late Arrival".
7.7.1 If someone calls on the phone and states they will be there soon, and someone pays for them, they will be allowed to sit down and play and will not get docked chips.
7.7.2 The "late" player would have to get to the tournament before the 3rd set of blinds has begun. If not, their remaining chips will be eliminated from play, they'll receive a last place finish, and your $$ will not be refunded.
7.7.3 The player paying for you will be responsible for getting the money from the “late” player.

7.8 If a player leaves early, their chips will be blinded down as if they were there and folding each hand. Any player not at their seat when it's their turn to act, will have their cards mucked, even if their hand is in the blinds. If the person is performing a league duty (updating computer, etc), you may wait for them to return to their seat.

8. Scoring Points
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8.1 Hit Rule - Any player that knocks another player from the tournament gets 2 points for the Hit. If 2 players split the pot, and a person is busted out. The Hit will go to the player with the most chips, Second tie breaker is player ranked higher in the leader board before the night began.

8.2 Position Points - You get 5 points for every position you finish in. For example, if there are 12 players, and you finish 1st, you get 60 points, 2nd = 55 points, 3rd = 50 points, and so on down to last place which gets 5 points.

9. The Nuts
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9.1. Qualifying - The top 12 players in points will qualify for The Nuts Championship. If there is a tie for 12th, all players in that tie will be allowed to play in The Nuts Championship.

9.2. Table Setup - There will be 2 tables of 6 players each. When we get down to 8 players, they will move to the final table. When it gets to the final table, a new dealer and seat placement will be created using Tournament Director.

9.3. Chip Stack - Starting chip stack will be determined using the following formula...
* 100% of your point total will be added to your chip stack (i.e. 1000 points, 1000 more chips) rounded up to the nearest 5.
* Everyone will get 25 "Bonus" chips for each position they finish during the regular season (i.e. 12th Place gets 25 bonus chips, 1st gets 300 bonus chips)
* Every player qualifying for The Nuts Championship will get 100 chips added to their stack for each win they achieved during the regular season.

9.4. Payouts - Payouts for The Nuts Championship Game will be as follows...
1st Place - 50%
2nd Place - 30%
3rd Place - 20%

9.5 Alternate Players - If one of the players qualifying for The Nuts Championship can't play in the game, the 13th person on the list will be placed into the Championship. If he can't make it, the 14th person will be asked, and so on until the list is exhausted. No subs are allowed.
Alternate players will use the same formula as described in 10.3, except they will n
ot receive the 25 Bonus chips due to position

9.6 The Nuts Championship Fee - $20 will be collected from each player (including any alternates that make it into the game) to cover the costs of the prizes. The remaining money will be added to The Nuts Championship prize pool.

9.7 Any qualified player not present when the game has started (at the agreed upon time) will be replaced by an alternate. That alternate will take the absentee’s position at the table but will use his own chip stack as determined by 9.5.

10. Payouts
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10.1. Payouts will be given per Payout Chart.

11. League Night
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11.1 All tournaments will be selected by the person(s) hosting the tournaments, at their own discretion.


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