2007 Awards

The Good

The Nuts

The Nuts Champion: Jeff Herold
The Nuts Runner-Up: Mike Poisson
The Nuts Consolation Prize: Andy St Gelais (3rd Place)

Regular Season

Regular Season Points Leader: 1395 Darryl Gagne
Highest Point Total Per Game (Min 10 Buy Ins): 44.1 Dan Silva
Most Wins: 6 Darryl Gagne
Most Finishes in the $$: 19 Darryl Gagne
Highest Single Night Point Total: 207 Pts Darryl Gagne
Most Final Tables: 36 Darryl Gagne, Paul Poisson
Most Hits: 65 Darryl Gagne
Highest Amount Won Overall: $310 Darryl Gagne
Highest Net Amount Won: $130 Dan Silva
Return on Investment (Min 10 Buy Ins): 7.33 Dan Silva
Most Tournament Wins In A Row: 3 Darryl Gagne
Most Prize Cashes In A Row: 4 Darryl Gagne(2), Andy St Gelais, Dave Crocker, Todd Maille

The Bad

The Nuts

First Out, Nuts Championship: Todd Maille
Bubble Boy, Nuts Championship: Darryl Gagne

Regular Season

Lowest Point Total: 166.5 Brett Gibson
Lowest Season Point Total Per Game (Min 10 Buy Ins): 19.5 Vic Brown
Lowest Single Night Total (Min 4 Tournaments): 50 Rob St. Gelais
Most Final Tables Missed: 16 Paul Poisson
Most Prize Bubbles: 5 Paul Poisson, Darryl Gagne, Todd Maille
Most First Outs: 6 Andy St Gelais, Mike Poisson
Most Money Lost: $100 Dave Crocker, Paul Poisson
Return on Investment (Min 10 Buy Ins): -4.06 Rob St Gelais
Most Buy Ins Without Winning A Tournament: 8 Brett Gibson
Most Heads Up Losses: 5 Todd Maille, Jeff Herold, Don Lamothe

The Ugly

Heads Up Champs: Dan Silva 5-0
Heads Up Loser: Jeff Herold 1-6
All In The Family: In 25% of the tournaments, a Poisson was knocked out first

Played Every Tournament: None


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